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CHS' 1st State Champion in 10 Years

Jontae   Hardaway

Alumni, please take the time to follow this link to the Cleveland Clarion and read about Jontae Hardaway. His accomplishment and dedication are superior as is the writing about his feat.


Were you a performer at Cleveland or Commerce High School in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s. If so, then you might remember the thrill of being accompanied by a brand new piano as you sang with the choir, performed on the stage or even listened intently during class. Well, not much has changed..... including those very same pianos. 

Most of the pianos currently housed in the music department were purchased when you were in school. Our best calculations show that the newest piano is 40 years old. These are not like the pianos in your home. These are being used many hours of every school day. They have been repaired so many times that the people earning money from tuning them are about to give up. 

The Alumni Association is working with the music department to try to raise enough funds to purchase pianos that would, like their predecessors, last 30 years or more. In the meantime, we are refurbishing 2 of CHS' pianos. But, even refurbished, these pianos have a short life expectancy. 

We need your help. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to provide the music department with the items they need. We have inspected their list of needs and it all looks very reasonable. The Alumni Association is able to pay for the $800 refurbishing charge as a stop gap measure. We have already committed funds to other projects that makes it impossible for us to do what is necessary.

We are hopeful that you, the CHS alumni, can help us get there. If you have an interest in helping the current musicians build on the legacy left by its former musicians, please send your donation to 
Pat Dannen
CHS Piano Fund
c/o Cleveland High School
3400 SE 26th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97202.

Thanks for your support. We will keep you posted on what is happening on this project.


Please join us as we welcome the 
Class of 2019's 
CCHSAA Scholarship Award Winners 
to meet with and speak to interested alumni. The five winners will be introduced by Jan Watt. Principal Ayesha Freeman will share information about current events at Cleveland High School.
This is a great time to meet with friends and to connect with stellar members of the current generation. We hope you can join us in this very special event.
Please click on the link below to see details of the upcoming scholarship luncheon.


Recent Alumni Donation

The Alumni Association Board recently voted unanimously to fund the Construction/Woods classes, led by teacher Brian Barnes, $13000.00. The funds will be used to purchase six major pieces of equipment needed including industrial level sanders and 4 pyrography machines. 

The Alumni Association Board continues to donate to those areas that will impact the greatest number of students. The needs at CHS are great and there are so many areas that could use your help. Please consider making a donation to the General Fund of the 501(c) 3 Alumni Association. If you would like to personalize your donation rather than leave it to the discretion of the Alunni Association Board, please let us know what area you would like to help and we will insure that every penny you donate goes to the area of your interest. 

Friday, February 1, 2019




Are You A Member of the Alumni Association?
The Commece-Cleveland Alumni Association (CCHSAA) is approximately 1000 members strong. We have room for so many more and your membership makes you a part of the program to assist Cleveland High in its pursuit of excellence. 

Membership also insures that you are kept informed about reunions, picnics, golf outings and other social events initiated by the alumni association. 

CHS played an important part in shaping our lives. Perhaps you want to "give a little back." Perhaps you want to know what is going on at the school today. Membership in the CCHSAA will help you reach either goal. Just click on the link above for your membership application.


It is never too early to plan
The Cleveland High School Alumni Association Golf Tournament/Auction
has become one of the most fun, most well-attended functions available to
CHS alums and their friends. This is a great time to reconnect with your own
classmates or with many of the other alums attending this event. Your team
does not have to consist entirely of CHS grads. The format is a scramble.
The prizes are good and there are plenty of them. The auction items can
take you to Oregon beaches, mountains, deserts and those trips can be
accompanied by some of Oregon's finest wines, cheeses, etc. This is our
largest fundraising event of the year. The 2018 version was ouor most
successful yet and raised over $30,000 to benefit the school and its various
programs. We typically have a full field of 128-132 players. So, watch this
site to learn more about how to enter this tourney. Sponsors are always
welcome and appreciated. 

Save the Dates
August 14 &15, 2019
Plan Your Reunions Around This One
Recap of 2018 Tournament

Thanks to a full field of energetic golfers and a nostalgic neighborhood golf course, the 2018 CHS Golf Tournament at Eastmoreland Golf Course, was a big success. This year the weather was perfect and the field of 129 golfers included many regulars as well as several new players. Mulligans continue to be popular and several teams retained their "orange" ball to be placed into competition for a $320 pot which was generously donated back by the winning team. There was some fierce competition for awards in four different divisions. 

In addition to the great tournament, an enjoyable evening was held the night before where we were able to raise money from the silent and oral auctions., the heads and tails activity and our raffle. It appears that we will be netting in excess of $33,000 to be used for CHS students. Of that amount, a significant portion comes from generous donations from individuals of items used in both auctions, golf registrations and a record number of hole sponsors. Thanks to all of you, e had the most successful tournament since the Alumni Association took over responsibility for the tournament. The real winners are the CHS students that we will be able to help.

Without the support of people like you, an endeavor such as this would not be possible. Thank you again for your help. The CCHSAA Tax ID is 93-1326570.


The CCHSAA Golf Committee



Send us the information about your reunion to the Alumni Association's email at and wewill post to this site. Also, if you have a link on facebook, send it to us and we will include it here.

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Jan Watt, known by many thousands of Cleveland High students and alums, has recently surpassed 50 years as a member of the faculty at Cleveland High . She was honored at the annual Alumni Association golf tournament with a plaque that included the following words towards this wonderful teacher and administrator.

Dear Jan,

We are told in many ways that words cannot define a feeling, an experience, a sense of gratitude and so many other emotions. That could put us at a loss to communicate to you how much you have meant to Cleveland High School, the Alumni Association and the thousands of students you have impacted over 50 years.

You are an amazing person and we, the alumni of the school you have taken under your wing for so long,want to tell you that we greatly value your insight, your vision, your can-do attitude and your 100% commitment and love to all that is the Cleveland High School of today. We also are proud to call you our friend.

Congratulations on your first 50 years!!

  • From Your Friends in the Alumni Association


CHS Royalty Pictures
2018 Princess Sydney Toops

Find pictures of each member of the Rose Festival Court at




In February, 2008, the CCHSAA Hall of Fame was renamed after CCHSAA co-founder, premiere athlete and coach, Mel Krause. Mel passed away later that same year. Renaming our Hall of Fame in his honor is just recognition for this wonderful person who did so much for so many at Cleveland High. He is missed.
Pictures of those in the Athletic Hall of Fame can now be found at


The process for selection to the Mel Krause CCHSAA Hall of Fame requires that the athlete be nominated using the form found at this link-

If you would like to nominate a former CHS athlete (Commerce or Cleveland), please use the form here and send your nomination to CCHSAA at PO Box 82898, Portland, Oregon 97202 or email to



Each year, the Alumni Association reviews nominations from you, our fellow alumni, that enumerate the qualifications for selection as one of our Distinguished Alumni. Once the selections are made, the inductees are invited to be in Portland for induction ceremony held on the first Sunday in March. The intent, at that event, is to honor recipients and to convey to them our pride in their accomplishments. The day after induction, inductees are invited to meet with students in classes relevant to their career. This has been an enjoyable experience, as expected, for the students but we have been very pleased to hear how much the recipients have enjoyed that same inter-action.

The induction ceremony is open to all alumni and friends that would like to be included. Tickets are priced only to cover our costs for food and location. We do attempt to advise as many members of the recipient's class so that they might join in honoring their classmate.

Please click on the link at the bottom of this section to see the individual biographies of this most impressive group.



Click on the Form Link on Next Line
Distinguished Alumni Nomination Form

Click on This Next Link for Criteria Suggested for Nominations

The Commerce-Cleveland Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Citations known as the "Order of the Feather" were first presented in 2009. There are now eighteen members of this illustrious group. Each and every one of those selected were nominated by someone like you.

These awards are intended to highlight Commerce-Cleveland alums who have significant accomplishments in their chosen fields and who have become "beacons" for current students.

The award recipients are encouraged to visit Cleveland to share their experiences in classes related to their field of expertise. This sharing can truly enrich the students who will have tangible evidence of what is possible for them if they study and work hard while living an honorable life.

Nominations are accepted from alums as well as others who know and can truly represent the nominee's credentials. A committee of Alumni Board members will make the final determination of the year's award recipients in March of each year. Up to three awards may be granted each year and the honorees will be invited to CHS and to a reception in their honor.

Click on the Historical Pictures link to read about this year's winners and more about the criteria for selection.

If you know of an alumni that you believe would merit consideration as a "distinguished alumni", please fill out both pages of the nomination form shown below and mail them to the Commerce-Cleveland Alumni Association at PO Box 82898-Portland, Oregon 97202.

To read more about the criteria used to select from the nominees, please click on the link below.


The CCHSAA newsletter is published twice a year (March and October).

See past copies at
The newsletter is meant to keep fellow alumni informed about:
  1. Upcoming social events for alumni
  2. Recent alumni events including event pictures
  3. Alumni Association contributions to the school
  4. Recent activity reports from the CHS Principal
  5. Special features on students and teachers of merit
  6. Scholarships awarded by the scholarship committee
  7. Reunion information
  8. Information from  Commerce-Cleveland archives
  9. Athletic Hall of Fame
  10. Distinguished Alumni profiles
  11. Comments from CCHSAA President
We use this website to complement the newsletter
in hopes that we can  provide more information than
space allows in our bi-annual publication
We welcome your input and requests.


2018 Scholarship Award Winners

Congratulations to this  year’s scholarship recipients listed in order of picture left to right: Georgia Hastie (Performing Arts Scholarship), Heather DiStefano (Media/Visual Arts Scholarship), Samuel Wagner  (Science/Math Scholarship),  Andrew Ho ((alter J. Cooney Business Scholarship) and Gwen Weber (Don Mitchell Ironman/Woman Scholarship).  Congratulations to our 2018 recipients. 

2015 Scholarship Award Winners

We wish continued success for these truly outstanding students.

Congratulations to this  year’s scholarship recipients listed in order of picture left to right: Andy Yu (Science/Math Scholarship),  Emma Hadley (Performing Arts Scholarship, Kendall Marlia Cooper (Communications Scholarship), Dahabo Amin (Don Mitchell Ironman/Woman Scholarship) and Anastasiya Guzenko (Walter J. Cooney Business Scholarship). We wish continued success for these outstanding students.

2014 Scholarship Award Winners
Left to Right
Callie Krevanko (Communications Scholarship)
Alex Chapparo (Don Mitchell Ironman Scholarship)
Caroline Baber (Science/Match Scholarship)
Alexi Bloom Herring (Walter J. Cooney Business Scholarship)
Molly Starr (Performing Arts Scholarship)

2013 Scholarship Award Winners
Left to Right
Luoyi Farestrand (Don Mitchell Ironman Scholarship)
Jessica Faunt (Communications Scholarship)
Gabriel Rowell (Walter J. Cooney Business Scholarship)
Mitchell Linegar (Science/Math Scholarship)
Joseph Cullen (Performing Arts Scholarship)
2012 Scholarship Award Winners
Front Row: John Niman, Susan Chen, Rachel Evans
Back Row: Stephen "Alex" Karter, Charolette Larson

Left to Right: Cassidy Bacon, Gudatu Wotcha, Kinsey White, Amanda Knutsen

Congratulations to
Amanda Knutsen (Walter J. Cooney Business Scholarship),
Gudatu Wotcha (Don Mitchell Ironman Scholarship),
Kinsey White (Communcations Scholarship), and
Cassidy Bacon (Performing Arts Scholarship).

2010 Scholarship Award Winners

Sara Hsu, Joellen Sweeney, Matthew Marquette, Katherine Barger

Congratulations to Sara Hsu (Don Mitchell Ironman Scholarship), Joellen Sweeney (Performing Arts Scholarship), Matthew Marquette (Walter J. Cooney Business Scholarship) and Katherine Barger (Communications Scholarship). We wish continued success for these truly outstanding students.



Congratulations to Matt Faunt (The Performing Arts Scholarship), Meng Paulsen (The Walter J. Cooney Scholarship), Lee Rosch (The Communications Scholarship), and Julia Steig (The Don Mitchell Ironman Scholarship). Our best wishes for their continued success.

Aaron Opsahl (Walter J. Cooney Business Scholarship)
Aaron Shirzadegan (Don Mitchell Ironman Scholarship)
Mei Tsai (Communications Scholarship)
Haley Maddox (Performing Arts Scholarship)
Clay Knechtes (Walter J. Cooney Business Scholarship
Odie Hollingshed (Don Mitchell Ironman Scholarship)
Ellen Freeman (Communications Scholarship)
Valerie Steig (Performing Arts Scholarship)
Sherry Cole (Walter J. Cooney Business Scholarship)
Robert Wilckle (Ironman Scholarship)
Hannah Sanford (Communications Scholarship)
Justin Ralls (Performing Arts Scholarship)
Catherine Miller (Walter J. Cooney Business Scholarship)
Hamrawit Gebretsadik (Ironman Scholarship)
Kaylie Shallis (Communications Scholarship)
Kyle Glenn (Performing Arts Scholarship)
Codie Lerien (Walter J. Cooney Business Scholarship)
Kimberlee Burnett (Ironman Scholarship)
Jonathan Nelson (Communications Scholarship)
Michael Miersma (Performing Arts Scholarship)
Roman Jakien (Walter J. Cooney Business Scholarship)
Natalya Verley (Ironman Scholarship)
Monica Lauritsen (Communications Scholarship)
Emily Cox (Performing Arts)
Gena Goodman-Campbell (Business Scholarship)
Holly Wolfe (Ironman Scholarship)
Elizabeth Carey (Communications Scholarship)
Megan Buscho (Performing Arts Scholarship)
Danielle Wilcox (Business Scholarship)
Kim Sprague (Ironman Scholarship)
Jennifer Stark (Communications Scholarship)
Dustin Bumgarner (Performing Arts Scholarship)
Sarah Oramas (Business Scholarship)
Jennifer Semke (Business Scholarship)
Jamie Doerr (Ironman Scholarship)
Kalin Schmoldt (Communications Scholarship)
Eugene Yakolev (Fine Arts Scholarship)
Yong Lee (Business Scholarship)
Jessica Landreth (Ironman Scholarship)
Amber Starks (Communications Scholarship)
David Cummings (Business Scholarship)
Trina Paulson (Business Scholarship)
Emily Burke (Ironman Scholarship)
Amy Voth (Business Scholarship)
Angela Mok (Business Scholarship)


Donations to CCHSAA General Fund??  Click here to help

The Commerce Cleveland Alumni Association has been in existence since 2001. CCHSAA maintains the website you are now viewing. We also publish two newsletters annually for distribution to members of the CCHSAA. Our annual golf tournament/auction is our largest fundraiser of the year. The surplus from that event supports all the work CCHSAA does with the school. That includes donations to athletics, computer labs, the arts and a host of other activities at the school. We need help each year to insure that expenses do not exceed revenue. Membership dues cover the cost of the newsletter. All other expenses must come from the golf tourney and your donations. Please click here
to make a donation to CCHSAA general fund.


The Executive Committee



Make A Donation to the Scholarship Fund???


Each year the scholarship committee awards five scholarships to deserving CHS students. Any donations designated for Scholarship are combined with interest earned on monies invested for CHS by the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) to fund those five scholarships. Donations are critical to the continuance of this important funding for our best and brightest students as they pursue their continued education. We thank all of you for your help.

A list of past donors can be found in past copies of our alumni newsletter. Those can be found at

Pictures of current and past scholarship winners can be found by clicking on the "Past Scholarship Winners" link on the right side of